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RUN!!!! RUN!!!!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


but...i hated it. its just a whole lot of looping. i dunno how this piece took you 5 days. you did do a lot of frames but id say the only actual work you did was half what you said at best cuz its looped over and over and over. didnt make a whole lot of sense and was kinda lame. he ran through the thr woods from right to left over and over then at the end...WHATS THIS?!?! LEFT TO RIGHT! AND! WITH A MONSTER CHASING HIM!!! and btw the monsters limbs barely moved so i dunno how these characters moved so fast. oh well you have to start somewhere even if it is in the toilet.

notorious responds:


But you shouldnt be talking.

Your movie, "Retard Kid sports" is not only offensive, but has nothing but photos of disabled people. At least mine has movement.

The highest score on any of your flashes is 2.54. The highest among mine is 3.32.

You have 3 submissions on newgrounds, i have 7.

I would say its pretty good that i did it in 5 days, considering thats 900 frames a day.

Nutsy & Klutsy: preview Nutsy & Klutsy: preview

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

douche bag anyone?

ok this is an obvious rip off of that other retarded ass squirrel, i dont like that one either. its gray, yours is blue thats about the only difference. same exact friggin voice as the other one. if you are the same creator of that other retarde squirrel thing then sorry for accusing you of ripping it off...but if thats the case then you need to get some other ideas.
blam this cuz its a jump on the bandwagon type of this. sucks bawlz!

chubbybunny responds:

What gray squirrel are you talking about? I'd like to see it. I don't really watch too many movies on this site so I can guarantee that I didn't rip it off.

A Little Pick-Me-Up A Little Pick-Me-Up

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I love the family guy. i know the song ends abruptly. but its different because the shows intro is like a broadway show. yours is like if youre watchign a porn then like you see someone take off their shirt about 3 seconds into it then its the end.
the only thing that i guess brought a smile to my face was the fact that you traced them well...
but whatever, gave you a poor score with the style..because these aren't your characters.
better luxt next time.

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SurvivalisFutile responds:

well thanks for the review regardless to the obvious fact of a Zero in the corner... but hey whatever

Goodbye Superman Goodbye Superman

Rated 0 / 5 stars

not funny

im all for making edgy joes that only 5 percent of people will think is funny. but thats fucked up, i have laughed at some fucked up shit but this is pretty bad. kinda sad. if it was done in a different way it could have been funny but this was just straight up cold. this should be blammed, plain and simple.
sorry man better luck next time.

FourStar responds:

shut the fuck up, you sicken me

DoomsDay War: Genesis DoomsDay War: Genesis

Rated 1 / 5 stars


yeah...thats weird.....

Agent-Battousai responds:

u think thats wierd...you've seen nothing yet!!!! MMWHAHAHAHHAHA

3D Weapon SlideShow 3D Weapon SlideShow

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

pretty cool

i like the idea but i think they spun too fast. maybe if you could make em slow down a little bit. or have it so you can zoom in and out or something.

cuber3 responds:

I know that problem. I lowered the speed from 30 to 20 fps, and my preloader got pretty slow, otherwise i would have made it 15 fps or slower... anyway thanks for your time, man !

Evilness Evilness

Rated 0 / 5 stars


who the fuk would think this piece of horse crap is awsome? youre either a friend or a frickin retard. and sorry the maker wasted his time on this shite.

spoonie04 responds:

lol, well horse crap. . .thats as nice as crap gets!! and I didnt have any of my friends come and comment on it, since most of them have already seen them. . .thanks anyways! =)

Yin Yang: I Am The One Yin Yang: I Am The One

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Fuck you dick head. I wish people weren't such retards and could see why this stick shit sucks balls. it is the easiest thing to do in flash. if you like this shit...im sorry.....you are a fucking retard. and for making this, sorry you had so much time on your hands you felt you had to make this piece of shit. couldnt you do something more productive like beat your children. please for the love of god dont make another hting as long as you shall live. i am dedicating the rest of my life to blamming this pile of horse crap. and when that day comes i shall be the happiest man on earth!

5AMURA1kid responds:

I don't think I deserved that. I also think you're off your meds or something, because you're being a little melodromatic about one of millions of movies that could be seen. I will accept your criticism with dignity and grace, but enlighten your heart, or you'll die early in life.

Peace be with you....

or die, whatever you want.

Internal Fires 6 Internal Fires 6

Rated 0 / 5 stars


man i just gotta say i love your style. i like how it looks like a retarded kid did it with a pencil tied to his little flippedy floppedy arm. and drool flying everywhere.
oh well keep up the crappy work.
zero,zero,zero,zero,zero,crap,crap,more crap....shoot yourself before you watch this.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

more crap? Where? Oh, you must mean all the reviews I am getting. Yeah most of them are.

If I am "a retarded kid did it with a pencil tied to his little flippedy floppedy arm. and drool flying everywhere" then I would really like to know what you think of most of the other part of Newgruonds users, especially you, are.

Trigun thingy Trigun thingy

Rated 1 / 5 stars

blah. >:(

this was alright man. but im guessing you just put a clip from trigun in flash and trached over it. you rotoscoped it. its alright but nothing fancy seeing as you it was all traced. good job tracing it i guess. yeah its cool....cuz its fuggin trigun. awsome series. ball suckage though cuz like i said its rotoscoping.

LocalNeroflash responds:

1. i have told everyone in the authors comments that i traced (but you're to stupid to read it)
2.you got the worst profile i ever seen
exept Marman_124´s profile it worse
3.your mum smells like ass
4.you suck at writing reviews
5.get some friends you need friends

i give this review
10.typical motha fucker